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Navigating insurance companies can be trying even in the best of times. But when you are dealing with the aftermath of a fire in your home or business, it can seem overwhelming. From filing a claim to getting repairs started as soon as possible, there is a lot on your plate, and it all has to happen quickly.

Fire damage claims make up a significant portion of annual expenses for insurance companies. As a case in point, fires caused approximately $37.135 million in property loss in 2019. And with an average of 353,100 home fires per year, the number of claims that insurance companies have administer can make the process move slowly.

Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to increase the chances that your claim will be processed quickly and effectively. By following these steps, you can ensure that you will not have to wait any longer than necessary to get your home or business as good as new.

Secure Your Home

After the fire department extinguishes the fire, you will need to take some steps to minimize additional damage. For instance, you should secure the roof with a tarp, since the fire and firefighters’ efforts have likely interrupted its natural waterproofing. Other steps include turning off water and gas lines and boarding up doors and windows to deter vandals.

To handle these tasks properly, consider hiring a restoration contractor because these services are normally included as part of their fire damage restoration services. They can also start the process of drying out your home or business to prevent mold growth. These steps not only guard against further damage, but many insurance policies require them.

File Your Claim Quickly

One of the first actions you should take after a fire is to contact your insurance company to start the claims process. The longer you take to file your claim, the longer it will take to receive payment. If you delay your claim, you could find yourself waiting a long time for an adjuster, which will prevent you from starting on fire damage restoration.

Ask About an Advance

When you get in touch with your insurance company, consider asking for an advance on your insurance claim to cover the cost of basic necessities, along with the expenses for tarps, board-up services, and other damage mitigation steps.

A word of caution though: Be reasonable in the ways that you spend the advance, if it is granted. Insurance is meant to help you get back on your feet, and if you spend extravagantly, you may be liable for expenses that your insurance company may deem unnecessary.

Keep Track of Your Expenses

Keeping track of your expenses after a fire is a critical part of making sure that you get what you are owed from your insurance company — and it keeps you from having to repay the money from your advance. Track how much you spend on mitigating damages and living expenses.

Your insurance company may cover some of the additional living expenses you have to pay after a fire. For instance, if you and your family need to stay in a hotel while your home is being restored or you need to rent temporary office space to run your business, you can most likely claim those costs under your insurance policy.

Hire R2 Fire & Water for Fire Damage Restoration Services

Finding the right fire damage restoration company should be one of your top priorities. Look for a company that has extensive experience in working with insurance companies, like R2 Fire & Water.

R2 Fire & Water understands how insurance companies work and has experience working with major insurers. So, they can work with you and the insurance company to keep the paperwork moving through the system.

Professional fire damage restoration companies understand that time is of the essence and will also avoid doing anything that could impact the amount paid out for your claim. They will work with the insurance adjuster and avoid touching anything inside your home until the adjuster has inspected it. And once they get the go-ahead, they will do everything possible to complete the work quickly.

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