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Mold Remediation

Residential And Commercial

If you discover Mold or Mold Damage in your home or business it can be a very scary prospect

Questions concerning health, safety and simply how to remedy the problem can be overwhelming and confusing. If you consult the internet you can be inundated with so much information you cannot decide if this is a major problem or something simple to restore and recover from.

That’s what the experts at R2 Fire & Water are here to help with. Our highly trained and experienced team have been the solution to recovery on 1000’s or remediation projects. We have the equipment to protect your family or team during the process and will minimize the health concerns while work quickly to find all damage and clean it up.

Mold damage is the result of untreated or hidden water damage. Often a slow leak from a drain or hidden leak behind cabinets or within walls will be left untreated for a length of time to result in a much more complicated cleanup. Mold is a group of micro-organisms known as fungi (not to be mistaken as a Fun-Guy). It forms when the combination of moisture, temperature, and a food source (like drywall and other building materials) come together inside of our home or commercial building.

Mold is not the only thing that is present in these conditions. We also have many strains of bacteria. For this reason, our team uses a combination of personal protective gear (body suits and respirators) engineering controls (containment and air filtration) along with specialty equipment (HEPA filters on both our air scrubber and vacuum) to eradicate the problem.

Once our team is done, we do NOT just promise you that we did a good job; we use third party expert to check our work. We ask that an Industrial Hygienist or other Air Quality Specialist double check our work and take empirical air samples to verify that the work area we have cleaned is safe for you, your family, your pets and other occupants of the building are safe.

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