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Water Damage Restoration

Commercial and Residential Water Damage Restoration Service

When your home or business is flooded, your only concern is getting things back to normal. Whether the cause of the problem is a leaking faucet, burst pipe, or a natural disaster or storm, it is a disruption, and you want it fixed fast. So, you search water damage restoration near me to find a company that can help.

You need to get rid of the water, but you also need to mitigate the damage. Water damage can result in simple staining or ruined floors, walls, wood furniture, and rusted metal. And when it is left too long, mold and bacteria can form. The faster water is removed and the drying process begins, the less chance there is that there will permanent damage to your home or business.

The Impact of Water Damage

Water damage affects millions of home and business owners annually. According to DisasterSafety.org, 14,000 people in the U.S. experience a water damage emergency each day, and the annual cost of water damage tops $26.3 billion.

Water damage is divided into three categories. Category 1 refers to clean water that does not pose a substantial threat to humans. Category 2 refers to “gray” water that contains chemical, biological, or physical contaminants that could cause discomfort or sickness upon exposure or consumption. Category 3 refers to “black” water that contains harmful fungi or bacteria or is contaminated through contact with sewage, roofing materials, bird droppings, or rodent droppings.

When water enters a building from the outside, it is considered Category 3 Water and requires professional handling by a professional company that is certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).

How We Can Help

When water damage takes control of your life, we help you take it back. We have the experts, equipment, and experience to handle all types and amounts of damage. These are some of the water damage restoration services we offer to help you get your home or business back to normal:

  • Roof tarping
  • Emergency water extraction
  • 24-hour service
  • Demolition
  • Sandbagging and water-repelling reinforcements
  • Assistance with insurance and FEMA
  • Removal of fallen trees
  • Board-up service
  • Dehumidification
  • Mold remediation

What to Do in Case of Water Damage

If you have had a flood, here are some helpful tips to follow to get your home or business back to normal.

What You Should Do

  • Contact us immediately. Mold and bacteria can begin forming within hours.
  • Remove as much water as possible by mopping and blotting.
  • Air out wet cushions and pillows.
  • Hang furs and leather goods.
  • Prop up wood furniture with aluminum foil, blocks, or plastic to separate them from wet carpet.
  • Remove wet area rugs and other floor coverings.
  • Use air conditioning to help dry the air.

What You Should NOT Do

  • Try to do the cleanup work yourself. Call a water damage restoration service professional.
  • Never use your household vacuum to remove water.
  • Do not leave wet fabrics in place.
  • Never use an electrical appliance while standing on a wet floor.
  • Do not leave books, magazines, or colored items on wet carpet or floors.
  • Do NOT disturb visible mold.
  • Do not enter any room where the ceiling is sagging.

Cleaning up water damage is best left to professionals. Request a rapid response water damage restoration services so we can help you get your property back to normal.

Example Client We Have Helped

A toilet supply line in the guest bathroom of a Goodyear, AZ house ruptured and flooded the entire first floor. All carpeting engineered wood flooring and tile was damaged, and the bathroom vanity and kitchen cabinets were saturated and swollen because the water had wicked up approximately four feet.

No one was home when the problem occurred because the homeowner is a winter visitor. So, it is possible that the water could have been standing for hours or days. The homeowner considered ServiceMaster and SERVPRO but chose to work with R2 Fire & Water based on her insurance company’s recommendation, and strong history of great service on jobs like this one.

R2 Fire and Water technicians were on site within 90 minutes of the call. Our team determined that the flooring could not be saved, but we were able to dry the rest of the structure by using fans to evaporate the water and low grain dehumidifiers to stabilize and reduce the humidity in the air. We also used state-of-the-art thermal imaging technology to create a moisture map to ensure there was no trapped moisture that could lead to future problems such as mold.

After drying was complete, we wrote a repair estimate and presented the homeowner with replacement cabinet, granite, and flooring options. The water damage restoration cost was $11,000 and rebuilding cost $28,000, but the homeowner only had to pay $1,000 out-of-pocket because R2 Fire & Water worked with the insurance company to ensure that everything was submitted as a single claim.

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