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Handling a trauma site contaminated by biohazardous material is a complicated process. To ensure that the job gets done right, you need highly trained professionals with the right equipment to eliminate all potential threats to human health.

Biohazard cleanup companies can address substances ranging from bodily fluids like blood to infectious diseases like COVID-19.

However, not all biohazardous materials are the same. While some situations may demonstrably call for the help of biohazard cleanup companies, other times, you may not be aware that a company could help.

Here are some of the most common situations you can encounter that will require professional biohazard cleaning services.

Unattended Death Cleanup

Death is never easy, and when someone passes away without anyone else present, it can cause several problems. The body begins to break down only hours after death. Within 24 hours, the internal fluids produced by decomposition can start to leak out of the body, increasing biohazard dangers.

While the decomposition timeline can be affected by temperature, humidity, and season, any unattended death requires professional cleaning.

Biohazard cleanup companies have the training and experience to handle these situations, working with law enforcement and first responders to clean the area as quickly and thoroughly as possible. Their skill can minimize damage to your property and limit your exposure to hazardous materials.

Professional biohazard cleanup services also understand the importance of discretion. Death can be a sensitive issue. With this in mind, any high-quality service provider will approach the project with the respect it deserves.

Suicide and Homicide Cleanup

When tragedy strikes, biohazard cleanup services are usually the last thing on your mind. In Arizona, suicide is the eighth-leading cause of death. Unfortunately, homicides are increasing in the community, as well.

Dealing with these terrible incidents often means making a host of decisions within a short time frame, which can cause a lot of stress for everyone involved.

A reputable biohazard cleanup company will work with you to clean the area as soon as possible, providing discretion and helping you begin the healing process. They will offer a compassionate approach to cleaning, relieving you of the burden of getting your property back to normal.

Jobsite Accident Cleanup

Workplace accidents can take many forms, depending on the types of jobs that are performed on-site. For instance, workers may be exposed to biological agents like blood on surfaces, on bodies, and even through sharps like needles and surgical instruments in medical facilities. Factory work may involve heavy machinery accidents or potential hazards from chemical spills.

Regardless of the accident type, biohazard cleanup companies are trained to handle biological and chemical materials that pose a health risk. They have the right equipment to remove solid or liquid contaminants and transport those substances to proper disposal sites.

Hoarding Cleanup

The American Psychiatric Association defines hoarding as the inability to reasonably dispose of items because of a belief that the hoarder will need those items in the future. These items usually end up in towering stacks and piles.

The situation can quickly spiral out of control for hoarders. A hoarder home will often be full of items that present hazards, including biohazards. Hoarders may also have animals. Accumulated possessions make it difficult to adequately clean animal waste, creating even more problems.

While many people do not think of biohazard cleanup companies when addressing hoarding situations, these professionals are well-equipped to handle the cleanup. Biohazard techs can quickly remove items and disinfect areas that are contaminated with waste or decomposition.

Rather than simply putting these dangerous items into the trash, a biohazard cleanup service can safely dispose of any contaminated materials per state and federal guidelines.

Contagious Disease Disinfection

One of the most important reasons to hire a biohazard cleanup service company is to prevent contagious diseases. Cleanup companies often handle items with a high risk of spreading diseases, including ones contaminated with hepatitis, HIV, and bloodborne pathogens.

Gyms, athletic facilities, and other places that experience an MRSA outbreak may need to be completely sterilized to prevent further infections. Professional biohazard cleanup companies have extensive training in proper disinfection techniques to ensure that your facility is completely decontaminated.

In the current climate, COVID-19 is also a concern for many homes and businesses. Biohazard cleanup companies can help you lower the risks of spreading the virus by decontaminating surfaces effectively. This assistance may be especially important for facilities that host large numbers of people.

Each of the services provided by a biohazard cleanup company can go a long way toward protecting property owners and their guests, mitigating the risk of contamination.

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